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My heart

My Stydia heart just broken :( And I don’t know what to do, Im pissed, angry as hell and sad :( 

Im hoping for marrish now :)

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I’m hoping for some Stydia scenes in the new episode, and I want to tell a thing.

I’m not gonna lie, right now our situation is really bad, but I was thinking. A lot actually. And i got to the point when i thought “Well, if WE see that Stilies is kind of ignoring Lydia as a friend, them Lydia does to.” I mean, common, in season 3 Stilies and Lydia were for me like unofficial couple!

And if Malia wouldn’t show Stilies any interest at first, he wouldn’t thought about her either!  

But coming back to the point, when Lydia as well sees that Stilies is ignoring her. Sooner or later they gonna have conversation about that, cause the are not blind! And just think about their cute(i hope) talk, and Stilies’s apology to Lydia, and maybe a liiittttllle hug at the end :P

Common, we need to be patient.

Love ya! <3

(And btw sorry for any mistakes but English is my second language:))

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Moved to darker-paradise.tumblr.com :)

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